Från när jag var blåhårig


This skin don't feel like home






I'm a renegade I always was

And the grass wasn’t green enough here
After watering it with my tears
I’m not sure where you went
Now we are just past tense
And the snakes, they are slithering in
Chasing me to my end
I can’t say where that is
I’m running again
And when I get there
It won’t be far enough
I’m a renegade
It’s in my blood
If ever I get there
It won’t be fast enough
I’m a renegade
I always was
Well, the spark never lit up a fire
Though I tried and tried and tried
The wind came through your lungs
A hurricane from your tongue
I’ll keep your secrets with me
Right behind my teeth
Your anger, your anchor
But I’ll sail much further on, ah, on

I can feel the pressure, it's getting closer now

Livet är rätt kaos just nu. Allt runtom mig skakas helt enkelt om. Allt känns tungt och mörkt. 

All I'll ever be is partly settled in




You see, I want the world to believe that there's a light inside of me

Gammal bild. 


Bilderna är tre år gamla. 

Don't sugarcoat me


I know I bend and I break all my promises, but now it's time for the truth



Don't let me drown



Hittade gamla bilder från 2013 som jag inte gjort något med tidigare.
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